note: Speaking about doctors in the clinics – high intensive care and recovery locations, not the ambulant who organize aftercare. In clinics at GGZ Delfland (It’s not only Delfland, unfortunaly) they give you as much medicines possible – sometimes making you feel way worse than you felt when you got in.

It’s a fact that most antipsychotic medications reduce neurotransmission activity in the brain. This may cause unwanted feelings and a sense of “columnia”, or in other words: suppression. This is mainly caused by the common medication they give patients within clinics.

A friend of myne (Mr. Friso) died because the doctor at the HIC raised his clozapine to unknown heights – even though I told the doctor to lower it. This has made me real sad, and have informed the Tuchtcollege.

The doctors at


are way better than the doctors at

ggzdelfland; they really need help. But however I can’t find agreements, they’re easilier made by being in contact with my older doctors. However I’m lucky I’m being treated by Parnassia now. I’m getting there.

This is meant as compliment. Clinical doctor care ggzdelfland is disasterous, I tried to kill myself twice in there. It’s “bao”, Fryske for “maffia”.

Oh and i got detraumatised at Delta Psychiatric Center after the reclassement transition.

However when I have my ADHD medicines I have a lot less chemical cravings because I just have more peace then. Also I am more active and have more control over my actions. You not giving me ADHD medicines caused me to use things like 2 fluor methamphetamine in the past as it behaves like dextro. You even knew and did nothing about it Delfland!!!

Also another physician told me that no one may ever refuse me adhd medicines but my official document of having it has been edited to just fugg around! You guys have to stand up and fight back, well studied life stealers you can be! Also give Ronnie what he wants!!! You locked me up for 15 days in the extra secure unit because I escaped again for the nineth time from your horrible treatment plans. I bought and shared flowers everywhere just beforehand! I knew I had a task at the toren and that´s why I faked ´´blood in my food´´ at Franz Lehar long term care!

I want to live my life in peace, I just don´t know why clinical doctors have so much against it. You´re always crazy with the opium law but paliperidone for example caused extreme distress and tachycardia! No, hand clozapine! Sometimes psychical care is disastrous! My medicines now are perfect, I feel great, but for some extra peace I kindly ask @ParnassiaGroep for my Tentin. I have suffered from ptss symptoms and am extremely mistreated before. Yes, I fight for the things I want. I truly want to cooperate and no longer misuse things like amphetamines to have my utter focus! Thank you in advance, for a second chance as you spoke earlier, mister Rose.

At clinics, doctors always want to know better, and often they´re way too young and miseducated. My name is Tony and I have ingested so many things to be able to call myself a ´psychonaut´, I´m sure I could be a great physician even! No… I´m not going to study more. I´m an officer and I´m contributing and going to contribute to society ever after.

Also, free my brothers SIPPENS!!!!! I am okay having sir Philippe Pop in my house. We´re on the same level, he needs a buddy as well!

Yes, on ritalin now… I need tentin to not be a zombie, but finally I talk! Are you going to take away my freedom ParnassiaGroep? I have done two aids! I´m not some sort of escapemental drug user, just for you to know. I´m an honest person carrying some luggage. I´m extremely happy I´ve moved to the South. I don´t want to end like Herman Brood injecting Rotterdamse street cocaine, I need my DEX to be from hospital! Thank you so much!

Much love given, Tony gs.


Don’t just let your child start ritalin. Schools sometimes need 2 persons educating in class, one for behavior and one for studying. Methy creates authism sometimes. I bet that half of our psychologists are either jobless or performing another career. We need psychologists! I want my dex because I´m in pain sometimes, and I need my peace and rest. that´s a whole different story, I´m also no longer a child (even though i´ve found my younger self back in me which I´m really thankful for and proud of) take care, Tony

dokter (nl -> eng)

Waar is de dokter?
Heb je hem of haar nodig,
Zijn ze er amper, of te druk of opnieuw naar school
Welke vormen van behandeling voeren zei uit?

Vraagstellingen, wij hebben vraagstukken,
Vragen om hulp, rijden jullie dan gezellig rond,
In onze mooie havenstad?
Binnen je met jezelf bezette Comrad?

Ik heb weer de tent uit gesproken vandaag,
Want ik moet de tent in
Pleur op met je opium
Nee paliperidon, staatsveiligheid,
Dat moet verboden worden
Of enkel beschikbaar zijn in de reclatering
En dan nog, liever niet

We hebben handen geschud op samenwerking
Mag ik dan ook even mijn nieuwe huis bewonderen
Oke het is voor mijn veiligheiten,
Maar de wereld doet mij niet bijten
GGZ Delfland moeten wij overnemen
Mijn broer Philippe Pop wordt daar volgespoten
Aan de prednison

En waar is mijn andere broer?
Jullie draaien hier voor op,
Dokter kom is gauw, sta op!!!!!!!

Tony GS

Where is the doctor?
Do you need him or her,
Are they barely there, or too busy or back to school
What forms of treatment do they perform?

Questioning, we have issues,
Asking for help, Are you driving around,
In our beautiful harbor city?
Inside your self-possessed Comrad?

I spoke out of the tent again today,
Cause I gotta get in the tent.
Fuck your opium.
No paliperidone, state security,
That should be banned
Or only available in recliners.
Even then, I’d rather not.

We shook hands on cooperation.
Can I just admire my new house?
Okay, it’s for my own safety,
But the world won’t bite me
We have to take over GGZ Delfland
My brother Philippe Pop is being pumped full of drugs.
On prednisone.

And where is my other brother?
You’ll pay for this,
Doctor come quick, get up!!!!!!!

Tony GS

Note: I’m not a 100 percent sure he’s my brother, but my two brothers have disappeared on the web and I know nothing about where they are now. It feels like Phillipe is my brother, though. Possibly, Phillipe reminded me of my oldest brother.

My youngest brother got sick at an early age. I don’t even know if they’re alive. If you know anything about, please email [email protected].

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