Personally, I like to know more about religions and getting to know the insides of the principals. This right here is my journey towards knowing more. I will research and write my words, sayings and perspectives. Welcome.

I’ll pick some marginal notes and inscriptions out of holy books and share my view later on… This is going to be a long and informative article / don’t ever feel offended, please. I’m open for all matters of perspective.

Worldwide, people say that they believe. They say that their believe helps them throughout life. Here is an exciting view towards some chosen religions.

Tony gs.

I believe that religions share many good lessons and upbringing. I do understand atheism however I myself choose not to be. I believe in past and future lives, and I believe in one god containing multiple departments. The almighty must be something great and I don’t believe in hell but in “heal”. I’ll start with the three religions who have impacted me the most during my lifetime (living my life, my personal history)
Follow me on my journey finding out religion and see me expanding this post (which has now began with knowledge I have as I’ve never truly read religious books). I’ll write in here daily. I’m eager to learn and I think this subject plays a huge factor within our fight towards global peace.

Eating pig could be some form of cannibalism. Their heart fits in ours. Also, their coronary artery doesn’t block their nerves so they’re still in pain, when slaughtered. This is just one of all the examples… I ain’t no Muslim, but I understand the Quran better than our bible.
However, being baptized, I’m obviously a Christian but have not chosen so. I’m not a ship to be baptized in water… also I find the “Jesus cross” extremely un-easing and scary. Mohammed lived a good peaceful life, it ain’t a scary story/happening.

Also, we need to protect ourselves for the sun. “Heal the lights”, find shadow. The sun is extremely dangerous and the UVA, UVB and UVC infiltrates through our skins.

Ramadan is extremely emphatic, and to be proud at. Basically, doing a Ramadan is examplous for the world, however because dying alone doesn’t get you in the news, a few radical terrorists thought “i need to take someone or something with me.” This has burned reputations, but it doesn’t happen often and those doing so ain’t truly Muslim.

Personally, in Dutch, ”slachtoffer” means “offer for slaughter” and the English word for it is ”victim” which is alot easier on my mind. What the Christians did was ”pointing the fingers” – something that’s not really allowed in The Netherlands – however playing victim is also not allowed. Well, The Christians played victim and they’ve pointed fingers. This is – from what I’ve read and heard – the reason for the ”hate” towards Jewish people. I find this disgusting – I believe I’ve grown up in a world with the most nonsense history ever – including Hitler gassing thousands of Jewish persons. Nonetheless, I’m extremely sorry that this has been the world we live in.

(not speaking bad about Christian people here – hold on)


As long as there are people, they look around them about how marvelous everything is. Where does everything come from and what’s their purpose?

The marvelous nature brought people to think there must be something greater that found and created us – yes, we belong to nature is what I myself believe – and my eyes and ears open every day to find out more of the marvelous.

Every human being asks him/herself the same question: ‘how do I interact with other people? Why am I alive? Is nature allowed to do everything it wants?’

Human beings question if they feel at home, whether they feel at peace, what kind of music they favor, what nature’s laws are and of course: ”what happens to me when I die?” These are questions believing people think about.


  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Indigenous Religions
  • Non-Religious People
  • Other Religions
  • Prevailing Beliefs
  • Sikh


The Hinduism is the oldest religion. It originates from India, +- 4000 years a go. The symbol of the Hinduism is the word “Om” or “Aum”, which tries you to provide something that isn’t really imaginable. (Brahman – god)


The Buddhism originated +- 2500 years ago in India. Buddha has seen that there’s a lot of pain around. He has thought us how to free us from that pain – pain of course is always harsh on the soul. The eight spokes inside of the symbol point at the eightfold path – to be spoken about later on in this article.


The religion of the Jewish people is very old. It began in the middle east. The Jewish people believe that god has given them land. The land they are given is Israel and their most important city is Jeruzalem. Their most important symbols are the David-star and the Menora, the 7 armed candlestick. The Menora is the official symbol of Israel. The star on the flag of Israel is named ‘Megan Davied’ (shield of David). That star references to god, the protector of their most protected person David (who lived around a 1000 years before Christ).

Sikh Khanda

The religion ‘Sikh’ also originates from India, but it’s not that old. ‘Khanda’ is the symbol carrying two swords. It directs to gods care for truth and justice. The – Sikh man – often carry a headgear (a kind of turban). Fun fact: ”even if they play hockey!”


The Islam is found in the 600’s after Christ. People who lived in the desert lands, often travel at night as it’s not as warm. The moon and the stars then point them the ways to get to their destinations. This way, the Islam heads people into the direction of their lives.


About 2000 years a go Jesus lived in Israel. He was a Jewish person. He fought for people that seemed to not belong to the group. People who believed thought that Jesus was send by god, and called him Messias (Hebrew for anointed). Jesus died on a cross. This is the symbol of Christianity, however I don’t want to show it as it scares me.

Joel wrote the following (Christian introduction)

I want to share my feelings and experience as a Christian. I was baptized in the Church of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help in the Philippines. I also go to Church on Sunday to attend the Holy Mass. As I grew up my Parents tought us to always to be a good person and abide the Ten commandments of the Lord. They were always giving us the opportunity to be a good citizen and to not commit crimes or doing bad things to other people, be goodhearted and respect others; they will respect you the same time. Always put GOD above and pray for your sin. Always seek guidance and obey your parents. They often know that what’s good for you. As a Christian you always have the potential to be respecting and to be yourself no matter what happens. As a saying said Whatever the Challenge, Whatever the Test, Whatever you striving for, Always give your Best! in this you will be a better person. For me this is my own opinion and experience as a Christian do good things to others, protect yourself, give your self at PEACE once in a while, pamper yourself and don’t hurt the feelings of others?.

Something inbetween I (gs) has to share (Gaza) 16-10-2023

No one is allowed to harm anybody – unless for the greater good if a person is evil. We got to be on high watch alert and stay safe. Always someone on duty, keeping watch. This is serious. Don’t want to create fear, but apparently… I’ve got my sources. Don’t pick any side. Minimalise the protests, is my personal advice. I know you probably won’t agree with it, but that what’s going on is the worst of the worst.

If you’ve got the question “why?”, then my answer is rational logic, brought up by higher levels of EQ than IQ. So I’m not a 100% sure. But from my perspective, I feel so.

If you’ve done bad things now or in the past, then seek forgiveness in yourself. Keep on searching, stop trying to make revenge. Are you adults? I don’t know for how long “heal” is, and I also don’t know how it feels. Always remember that “most people are good people”.

This actually has not alot to do with religion, as each religion states that we must respect all good visionaries.


Inspired by “David Self”

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