It´s a powerful place
Reclassement Transition
People blast music
With alot of bass
´n carry supposition

The nurses are kind
Weed we don´t grind
They´re open, friendly
Cozy and involved
However our problems
Cannot in one day
Suddenly be solved

However we try our hardest
Do our best
I tried to bring in hierachy
Now working together
As team, a powerful team

We like each and one another
Live in the nature
Are all kind of pure
Some tattoo´d, some not
We´re mostly from the Dam
However for sure not Rot

Tor maybe, we infiltrated
Prevent people to have suffocated
They help by being there
In the here and everywhere

A big thank you for your stay
You´re here at our powerful bay
I got detraumatised
You asked for a poem
In Dutch, a kiss means a ´zoen´

Here you have it
It´s our love
A duracell battery kit

Thank you,
GGZ don´t be afraid,
We don´t sue

Sorry for my self damage,
I will take care,
You and I are special,
Very rare

Nurses, you´re special, and together with the wonderful cliënts, my psychological issues have been solved, and found back my inner child. Sorry to be scarbelly, Delfland has to be fixed.

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