There are many posts, poems and stories written on World Love One. John (2:15) didn´t agree on World Love but I think this is because he had never seen the internet before. The internet is setup by military defendant nations and weŕe trying to make good use of it. By partnering up with people, businesses and organizations we think that we could achieve maximum human potential. The goal is us returning to earth and leaving the world for what it is. We as human beings have done a lot of good things but there is some form of mass destruction and evilness which ´it´ never agreed upon. It´s our task to stop the pain, murder and betrayal by sharing thoughtful ideas, stories, poems, articles and so on. This is our duty.

The big question remains: ´why´? These will be answered within this project. Art will be descripted.
Yours faithfully,
tony gs.