This is the second sequence on ´start digital revolution´ -> Art by Charlotte Bruja

The roots of the tree created a mourning stone with an open roof. An hierochlief inside created a colourful grave. The roots connect from one place to the other; a multidiverse three layered paper which states that the number three is special; it´s always harder to target on three than on two. There´s diversity in the middle because of paper switches and, shadows create upside down colourings.

There are doors created for those willing to choose a certain path; ones who know their heading, who are willing to take the risk of falling out and about. Those who directly or later on have a higher chance on experiencing something – paradisey. Multiple layers and different senses create inward forces who all energize different brain paths – connections and areas.

One door opens a path towards some sort of mystery. Blood vessels and branches are to overcome heading towards this unknown destination. This human being is born as twin and there are two brains operating inside of her. As she sees the beauty around her; she cannot name the clouds for what they are, however that doesn´t really matter for her. She keeps going, in fact; they keep going. The air is a form of endless purple. The contouring makes her rise up every day again to continue to walk to her – likely – beautiful destination; as the road going there carries an high level of difficulty.

dreams about exhaling birds

The cootz have rised
They´ve been reading books
Doctors attained cooks

Eyes in their back
On their fore head
Tuning papers with a wrench
But not truly reading, instead
They lay eggs, bread

Inside of her mouth,
They grow up,
And say what´s up and what´s up
Like plato spoke
Underneath he doke

The birds fly out again,
Second escape
To their upleveled lake
It´s gotten more pretty
The world evolved

Now they have to stay
Recording and double checking
So we as beings don´t go bottlenecking
Creating more of their lung tar
We gotta be precious and
On the outlook
Said in this book

up until now, she has survived the revolution

end of the second sequence

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