I try to distract myself and hope for peace. I’m just one human being. I cannot change the world by my own. The first ever real war dream I’ve had has been about Gaza.  

Later on I’ve had a dream with big screens everywhere brainwashing peoples minds, one day – for the good. Drones speaking about love, and why everyone should surrender, and so on.  

Different exciting things for those who are done and sick of life – for these who became terroristical or are raised this way. Hence this Network – I knew there were bad things going to happen – we must find solutions by making good use of the internet, this is 2023, I haven’t continued ever since I wrote about religion – I just don’t know what to do.  

I tried to do something, the Royal Salvation Network isn’t growing hard enough to truly create impact at the moment – right now, I wish I started recruiting at the beginning. Like… what the heck. The only way out is brainwashing those who are done with life and don’t value lives anymore – and this is why I keep on believing in my idea.  

I made the “religion” post on this platform private, because there should be acceptation for all good visions around. I cannot write ‘on the go, live’ over this topic because then conclusions are made way too fast, and we all must be contributing towards justice. I wanted to connect the believes, not create fraction, may that be clear. (I’ve decided to write it live anyways, patience is a key.) 

I do not oversee the amount of impact I have – no, there is no grandiosity, but I also don’t undersee it. I feel failure because this world is navigating to something real painful, and I’m part of the world.  

We are living on this planet, and we must prevent. We should take over the internet and form huge teams to brainwash people into love. I’m sorry, I can’t think of something better.

Discussion Dutch Parlement 10-10-23

The Netherlands finds that what’s happening terrible (and so does the entire world). The Netherlands stays neutral even though our politics center (privately attained information: did so for peaceful collabarations, “meaning: not perse chosen by own thoughts, under influence of”) decided to raise the flag of Israel at the parlement of The Hague. There’s a lot of discussion about this – but it’s said that Israel is fighting against a terroristical group, and therefore the parlement in The Hague decided to raise the flag of Israel. Furthermore, he finds that each city in the Netherlands may make their own decisions when it comes to raising flags. 

We do not think that the response of Israel is any good, as all supplies to Gaza have been closed, for example things like electricity, food and other fundementals. Many innocent lives are being taken. Israel is committing war crimes by law.  

There are many Palestinians living in this war zone since WW2. The Netherlands tries to remain neutral and support both parties, as our minister president has been negotiating for a long time. There are many discussions going on but he has tried to prevent this from happening. In 2013, he visited Israel and spoke to leaders of Israel and the Palestinians. It’s a terribly complicated situation however the Netherlands will try to help the Palestinians and Israelis within the GAZA.

The Dutch organization “Red Cross” is doing all it’s able to when it comes to taking care – and the Netherlands sends them the funds necessary. There are people from this organization active within the GAZA region at this moment. The objective of the project setup by the Red Cross is to contribute to the resilience of people living in the Gaza Strip by improving the access to quality health care.

Important to know

If you’ve done bad things now or in the past, then seek forgiveness in yourself. Keep on searching, stop trying to make revenge. Are you adults? I don’t know for how long “heal” is, and I also don’t know how it feels. Always remember that “most people are good people”.


Written by Tony GS.

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