Slept on the 80´s tonight
Wherein they mixed the symphony
With love songs
I´m no longer so lonely
I don´t use crack or bongs

Had lovely dreams
Woke up greatly
Eucalyptus steams
We´re stronger in teams

We gotta go together
The world should be love
Praying to the floor,
Sometimes watching above

Sitting on the floor
Opening a new door
Entering the same world
To live and not distort

We´re special and lovely
Don´t wonder why
It´s mother and me,
We´re having a tie

Illuni mother tie
We´re back once again
For the renegade master
Take care of each blaster

Make most out of life
You warrior, step out
Be warm and loud
Or either in spoken in Dutch
Be ´stout´. hihi.

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