I don’t know what to do. I’ve completely confused myself. Maybe it’s a good thing to generate some confusion… this allows to think. May we begin to accept and love.

Think about that we do. When are we truly becoming peaceful? When we start to see the importancy of health. We try World Call.

This is part of Nonsense.

Truly, I can’t understand how things are as they are; we shouldn’t accept and we shouldn’t forget. Out of the mind means out of the heart and some things just never end. There’s many genocides happening all over. If I’d be sent to a country in war; I’d go salvation and die. Basically, a form of suicide. A moral of myne is to not harm physically. It doesn’t make sense. Most people think like this, though. It’s the ”domino – issue” going on, like how could we ever decide to follow ”unethical, evil orders” if lives aren’t at risk?

”Modern Welfare”
“Call of Love”

If I’d be in politics I’d be somewhere left, as diversity isn’t the problem; but it’s history that defines our behavior towards each other. Diversity is there in the 7th dimension, rest assured. We need to accept the ”new normal” when it comes to diversity; and should not try to revert the process of inclusion.

I grew up in multiculturals; I don’t know better. Right, everyone should have the same options when it comes to navigating headings within their book.

We Just Shouldn’t Let The Past Define Present.
And now… it’s time for #radiosilence.
Thank you for having me talk.
(this didn’t happen…)

It’s quite a hassle, recruiting and organizing but I guess that’s where the name ”organization” comes from… I actually don’t care about its difficulty, I should just continue and my dreams will become reality. This mindset brought me here today… I’m not far however I feel as if the beginning’s here and beginnings are always hardest to make, which makes me feel as if I’m pretty far into the road of multi-people based success.

Possibly, we can do anything we want and / or set our minds to.

I’m voting for #CEASEFIRE. I’m voting for peaceful happenings. We have videogames for the ”bad guys”. The ”bad guys” don’t even like the happenings, but they’re within some sort of domino or tunnelvision. They can’t stop playing video games, once introduced and addicted. They are too weak to surrender. I personally am freightened of playing ”first person shooter” games as it makes me feel judged and bad.

In the current world; many things seem to be never ending until surrenderation takes place; so that makes the party surrendering the winner. And then still, in Reality, there is no winner when it comes to violence. Possibly, there are many on this world who think that violence is the only option; but the friction between – as example; concerning the negative trend – relationships between ethnic groups, are highly damaged by any happening that takes place – all over the world; if it’s reported it’s inside a book or on a page for someone to read and share; which concludes that international justice is the only solution for when it comes to witholding and keeping onto national justice. The national world is highly impacted by the international as it’s within the international…

We follow intuitions, people, paths, stars or other direction-giving existing matters. We travel and fight for wellbeing. Please give each- and one another the space and time to find it. Give each other room; and say ”hi” to strangers; expressing a kind of smile. I learn of myself by writing because it’s then when I realize it again; thanks magnets. It’s just expressions of others playing huge parts in multiple layers within many divergent feelings and atmospheres.

What do we need to do: ”create your positive footstep”, judge less, focus on upbringing and, -only this in a hurry-, at this moment of speaking; maintain order and stop the ”bull shizzles” created by ourselves – stealing worthy lives and causing alot of pain. We must prevent every life to innocently suffer or be lost.

I think that when we play it smart – this is possible. But y’all just tell me I’m in a psychosis; which is not true; as I’m doing this as activity right now for a reason. Because of the reality. Well I’m part of ”the big people world” so in my opinion I’m not the one in a psychosis. I’ve possibly just been misunderstood, as there are many words needed to share a vision.

I might talk quick and jump from subject to another and thereby I concluded that incapabilities in understanding each other, to create big difficulties – I’ve been real sick a couple of times and that I understand, but actually one or two times of these periods were true sickness; the other ones were brought up by others misunderstandings. I understood you, I’m just stubborn and believe in plans, but possibly that’s a selfish thing to say.

Anyhow, I as well need to learn alot and; therefore we should have a new ”ruleset for the newborn”; which includes that all over the word, people should understand this one same language, as reality brings us the footage of the fact of ‘the human being’ to travel towards other places where cultural and ethnic differences have arisen.

People sometimes like to stay at a new place, whether it being for necessities such as safety or entertainmentals such as already build foundations. But I guess we’re heading this way at this moment of writing… I wish I were born in the future. Actually, maybe this is ”the future” and I should regain my faith in my own peers – humanity. But as believer in past and future lives; possibly this life of me belongs to the greater picture of my ”life living period” and thus haves me living in here for it to bring myself future. I hope that we all have a future and therefore I again kindly ask for #ceasefires all over our world. I’ll never demand but ask. I wish to demand. Teach me how to and connect to create ”human lightning and thunder intended for peace”.

It might be ediotic to think these things are possible to happen, but I find it idiotic that we shoot upon random strangers ”from out of another ‘group’ (whichever form of diversity presents)” and we as worthy humans should all stand up and fight for our rights. We should not simply follow orders because they’re orders: no, with every step we make an happening takes place and if the deed is unethical, it will likely disturb our own future lives.

Something like ”hell” is only possible to exist if you want it to exist; I don’t believe in it. I believe in the ”Most People Are Good People” quotation I endlessly repeat, however we seem to suffer from tunnel visionalised thought patterns and we thereby seem to be more influencal on each other than meant to be.

God has never wanted our self damage; we should have euphorics within our lives without feeling guilt or because they create escapements towards Reality. We should feel optimistic when it comes to the lives of the new generations; we truly need a ”New World Order”, but all I can do is talk and blabla, but then they say ”rather deeds than words” however words create deeds; it’s about field of interest. It’s about communication in my personal era. Okay sure, I do understand this matter of being incapable of, as I as of now as well need to sleep however I am focused at writing now and so decide to continue, personally; I find it difficult to switch between tasks. But please, may we be kind to each other and may we have a World Order governments can’t find against; ”We are the world, so when are we stepping out of the pointless self damage?”

I AM CALLING IN FOR AN ETHICAL AND POSITIVE WORLD ORDER TO BE EXECUTED THE 24th of December; we’re creating it; we do aware you of the included manipulation. I’m afraid, but believe in the overpowering statings that quote ”for the bigger picture”.

Hence, language differences are why I ask you to reproduce World Love One into your speech without changing the messages; to have your surrounding understand the same matter. Create a difference. Share the obvious and already known. We tend to forget the most simple of things.

Also, I’d like to unite. I need your words, visionaries and so on to be spoken so we could democratically choose a ”united belief”, besides personal and cultural preferences. One we as humans all agree with, as the current system just isn’t working; on a global scale. And as far as localisation goes; this scale determines the weight of ourselves, and may that be something we’re busy with alot of the time.

Please, examine in World Love One; and find out how many inscription sections we can make without crossing the border of others – to have the mass to agree? The mass of the people will always choose the best option – the sweetest thoughts – however it’s these power hungry individuals who have things to say or who don’t dare to stand up against violence.

I think there are unlimited of these ”inscription sequences” possible until there are none left to share; there are unlimited sequences all over; it doesn’t make sense to cross borders and hurt feelings of others around. It’s a complication of different languages being spoken natively and an underpowered sense of the importancy of general manners. We should bring back our focus on words as words prevent physical action to be taken towards a demographic group or any sort of other divergental peer. We tend to forget that we’re all peers of each other, seeds can’t write or live their life as they’re still on their way to become another peer. Therefore we call some methods ”peer to peer” however to begin concluding: there’s a great need to have you share your words. We have too few words being outspoken as we tend to be afraid to speak. Yes, people judge. We all do so. However we will begin to judge less if cultural differences are known and when there’s more known about ”’religion” in general. When we can see the similarities inbetween, instead of a focus on oppositions and matters ”to disagree on”.

I hold on to my words and ASK (not demand; I’m rather Mascotte than Rizla as I’m afraid to interfere) I repeat, I’d love to ask for a true ”NEW WORLD ORDER”. The Illuni Mother Tie (the new name), can’t be a bad group of people as no unethical person dares to call him/herself a Delta. I became Delta. Join the triangles, we dream the biggest force in the world; us – the citizens, deciding for ourselves. We basically become the government when generations fall out and/or youth step up their game – but we seem to be unable to stand up against the already present unethical governments.

I acknowledge white people, and especially groups of people that fitted into the eyes of some guy with his last name ”The Orderer of WW2′ (hey! So it is possible! To demand and create order); are the people who dominate the world as seen on television and all over. Also, The poorest continent has the most valuable resources but then the white people began stealing their recourses; hence them living in welfare now. The original ”owners” might have been too kind. I’m white myself and therefore I bring this up; I find it rather easy to talk about the disabilities of my own sort as I’m legitimately able to include myself which seems to give me ”special rights” talking out loud.

These are just sentences written by a form of ‘it’ – in what I believe, I think that we, the people; form mothers nature and I think that nature belongs to nature – which shines us to be gods ourselves – each and every one of the living. We might be a part of the Almighty. We might are the Almighty. So we cannot believe in a good or bad Almighty as our own deeds decide the outcomes of the coding already written- these that are made by ‘it’ a while a go. These that were wonderful – as heaven does exist.

To judge God might be to Judge yourself and Nature.
We could try to stop asking God in silence but to speak in language the masses understand as well – this combined with good manners and developed empathics alone’s possible to create more peace already; step by step though; it’s about being aware.

That’s what I’m here for, to make many aware of the already known. It sounds stupid, but we tend to not share if things are generally thought the same of, as we feel as if the other already thinks that way. I believe we often think the wrong way, the development of The Humans went wrong by people who standed with the most powerful instead of the most ethical. This is what we need to realize; that ethical standards play the biggest factors when it comes towards acting upon, and such.

Hereby I’ve shared my thoughts of tonight – and I’m done by now. I did all I could today, to from a distance try, to reach peers having ”power”, the so-called ”elites”. However apperantly the ”elites” seem to find it difficult to talk with me, as they don’t; even though my mind behaves freely over true ethical terms. We all have secrets (myself included) and downsides within our personalia, there’s a need to accept them and followingly so ”alter behavior”.

I’m going to share you a secret: – I don’t handle my own financials as I cannot stop clicking a button that makes a fruitmachine roll – just like a bird, my rewardsystem decides to make me incapable to stop. Possibly, I’m a ‘God’ who’s coding cannot be written freely as these fruit machines were never intended to exist in the first place. But you could say that with everything right; no I think gambling ‘mansions worth of value’ by youth as well as oldern is incredibly stupid and economically damaging – to the maximum.

As with global concerns, these as of right now spoken about, directly impacts local environments, there’s a common trait here; however in this it’s not about an individual reward system but about the sizes of groups we – over time – have formed.

I ASK for a ”new world order” which is able to stop the judgementals of people calling other peoples weaknesses ”weak”; as possibly individuals some times don’t have other choices than to continue after beginning, because their system has not calculated such activities to be real as they’re without purpose; besides granting more power to ”the already powerful”. We can’t underestimate the impact gambling problems have on our economy and welfare – but most of us are too weak to speak about it as people will judge. ”Will-Power” people then say, but in my case the ”Will-Power” is feelingly so non existant as I am not made for having a ”quick material reward possibility” that releases neurotransmitters each time it gives a chance; carried everywhere in my pocket. I don’t know if I’m truly the one in control; no I’m certain I am because I speak this out loud. I should never have full control over my own financials. In a weird mood I’d give it all away to a weak ”powerful group of people” who have decided to live on the weaknesses of others. And here I judge – and you could say; it goes like that with everything; but I personally think that Internet Gambling is a huge treat to society; not only because of my self experience but also because of psychological theories, that back up the systems proofing that they will financially; bring success to these keeping them online. It’s about psychology.

The sad news is that many things are already known and, I might be a bit weak for not being able to stop playing a gambling game, possibly due to insufficient will-power; as shameful as it is; the Intellectually Intelligent people know many mean things from the inside that they don’t dare to speak because of some sort of ”illuminati”‘? C’mon, I myself belong to the ”Illuni- ma -ti” as it’s about making peace with your parents, to stop keeping ”scary unfair stories” real, one must decide to begin rewriting history; before history’s able to truly change, shift.

My Order To You Is To Ask You To See The Failure Of The Human Need Of Competition, Mainly For Ego Stimulation, Which In Turn Produces Sad Inflation and so on. It aren’t just the ”weak” who suffer from this issue (gambling). Internet can be just as healing as damaging and right now, we’re being somewhere in the Middle, I guess… But we don’t act upon those who decide the happenings by being within the top hierarchies. Because we might be afraid, myself included. I can be very shy. Until I get good coaching. (who doesn’t grow and improve by having a coach…)

If I’d want to greate a greater impact I could have used my lost money for growth- and the time for something beneficial. Valuable time and worth’s gone by us undergoing many pointless activities. Gambling’s just an example to a ”trigger” towards the starting of a ”Genocide Domino”.

I’m aware of my repeatments, I’m aware of my limited English dictationary and I’ll tell you it’s not my native; however it just limits that I can say. I know this is alot of ramble and words, and I know that I could’ve quit typing way earlier stating my points. I just go to the maximum for the earth to ”heal” as Mister Sonjacks spoke that ”Íf you wanna make the change, then take a look in the mirror” and that, that when there’s a need for, there’s a possibility to; he basically said this in his music so it’s possible, I believe in this man.

The later it becomes the more limited my mind gets, it seems; however this is material for you to work through; ”How Can We Stop The Pain, Highly Affected Hormone Levels Causing Harassment and, Innocent Murder and Domino’s of Betrayal?”

To not forget: many things are amazing on this world and most people are great people. I just make use of my quality to continue and not stop – one of the positives of my character type – to create a change for the better, as the pain is useless and the difficulty of continuation is ”easy”. Possibly, I’m not the only one finding it hard to change to another activity. However I decide to do so now, awesome for you to make it up here; I feel as if there’s alot of wasted words in the air but not really; as I might have hooked you into the subject. Hopefully, though; miracles do exist. We are a Miracle. The Almighty, God AKA Allah is great but it might be just as great as you, yourself are.

I didn’t double check writing errors. I’m quitting obsessive rambling now. I hope you have a good day today; my full uppern body hurts and I still go on… why?????

Yours sincerely,
Tony GS.

ps. it’s just me, no worries.
ASKING THE NEW WORLD ORDER TO BECOME TRUE, Unleash Your Power “Elites”, The Time Is Now.

To not forget: some religions have given a name to ”God”. Which religions? (isn’t it just the dictionary?)

I request, ik herhaal; ik roep op; tot wereldwijde erkenning en toezegging aangaande handgetypte vrede, het uiteindelijke doel waar gaan maken; and ask if you’d want to help in writing solutions for our problems, we got to one day begin to rewrite history, anders blijft het. Pas.

We have time to work until December, 24, 2023. Then we must proceed.

For international medals; be more quick; team up and solve the heck out of this world for us to get back to “mothers earth”.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve completely confused myself. Maybe it’s a good thing to generate some confusion… this allows to think. May we begin to accept and love.

Think about that we do. When are we truly becoming peaceful? When we start to see the importancy of health. We try World Call.

This is part of Nonsense.

The Ministry of Defence asked the following in their television advertisement: ”How do you see yourself?

If I look at myself, then I see a tired dude, not mentally strong for stupid behavior any more… as before the secure unit times I didn’t even realize humanity its stupidity.

Enough willpower to aid in first help, though… I’m getting older, Defence… So will work in first aid, and continue about the nonsense subject until there’s peace on earth… Will We Meet Peace? Believe in it… I hope so, and if we don’t do anothing internationally… Then no, greed will stay in control.

The world’s becoming one state – you can’t deny that. If the entire world would be vurnerable for one huge danger, then war wouldn’t exist. Unitedly fighting so against “alien invaders” or something… I’m trying to help. All I wanted to say.

Just answering the TV advertisement. There’s possibility now, because of the internet, to head onto a new world. And stay in there, to never forget… I’m making myself tired all the time with this subject, and just crave the possibility of an upward spiral.

We have to handle creatively so.

Violence is not allowed to be romantized, and it feels like it is, so I don’t like your advertisement, I’m sorry – personal opinion, I know you’re goodhearted fighting for our welfare and safety… but possibly we should alter our focus and move on to something that works. The military footage doesn’t fit the new generation. It isn’t cool to have the need for the existance of military… But there’s a need for on a global scale… I seem to understand that…

Ironically so, the ad of Call of Duty its new realise comes after your ad, and that’s where we are violent: Games… to get to the point, the following is necessary; a Great need for upbringing, manners and tactical communication: concluding that this should be your focus. But possibly so… I’m not normal, the world is normal. Defence,

You’ve got our full support, though; if only you adhere to our Dutch democratic demands.

What do we even vote?…………………. It’s you, government, to have CRUKS work… do we get it… (examplous)

It’s complicated. Possibly, I’ve misinterpret the television advertisement.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve completely confused myself. Maybe it’s a good thing to generate some confusion… this allows to think. May we begin to accept and love.

Think about that we do. When are we truly becoming peaceful? When we start to see the importancy of health. We try World Call.

This is part of Nonsense.