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Birds always fly away as danger is always present. Birds share sea and land.
Supernatural bins do not exist as supernatural bins are restorable.
Lives repeat themselves if planets remain alive.
You should be freightened when walking with a knife.
Authorities see everything, we look behind bars but walk through walls.
We see through, we are the ones who decide our futures.
You´ve only got one chance to not seduce yourself into bad karma.
Unlimited chances are available but you must think twice.
You can´t love yourself living inside of your own lies.
Be happy with what you get, even when it´s a hand of rice.
Most people are good people, so be nice.
You might win an award, by not rolling the dice.
For christ his sake, the upside down part happened 2023 years a go.
The most dangerous ships are maritime, they´re called Ro Ro.
You´re magnificent, just know that life has many things to offer.
I believe in past lives and future lives.
As human beings, we don´t have to chase no longer.
We just need some sort of sensations, as excitement makes things bonder.
Sensational euphorical feelings with lovely destinies for children,
Making fun fun, instead of escapemental behavioral activements.
These are words ´it´ sends. Take care of the elderly.

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